Sunday, October 6, 2013

Passion VS Execution

Wow, there is a lot going on here! This is a scene that I put together for a boss fight I worked up between Boss Mama (Samantha, left) And her teacher,confidant, and dearest friend Überlegen
(Irmhilda, right). Boss feels this kind of betrayal towards 'Hilda'; feeling as though her mentor has betrayed what they stood for; However Hilda feels very different. 

"You love me, you always have,like a daughter. You've taught me more than anyone else alive. You've given me the will to fight with my passion as an advantage, and not a hindrance. You taught me to fight for something worth fighting for, to fight for what I stand for, what we stand for; so then why betray me?"  Samantha 'Boss Moma' Paimon

Hilda believes that she nor Boss, can betray each-other when they are merely fighting for what they believe in. Ti Hilda, this is merely circumstantial of every war, friends being forced against one another simply by what they believe in. In that regard Hilda would say, in her sweetest 

"I have not betrayed you, this is what I stand for. You feel betrayal merely because we stand opposed, but really; there is no betrayal my love...There is none what so ever; I cannot betray my daughter...meine süße; one cannot betray another when they are merely fighting for what they believe in, so fight...fight for what you believe in..." Irmhilda 'Überlegen' Rothschild

This is a very tough fight for Boss in particular, as Hilda herself has no problem being at odds with her students. Boss is fighting the woman that groomed her into a leader, a woman who helped her grow to what she is, a woman who has her heart in so many ways. This isn't just another fight for her, this is her friend, former lover, and her idol; and despite her ideals Hilda feels somewhat uneasy fighting Boss as well; thought she shows it in her stern discipline  teaching Boss what she calls her final lesson. Hilda is the superior fighter here, no doubt about it her execution of her technique, and suppressing her emotion in battle, give her a cool head over Boss Mama who is overwhelmed by her passion towards her Ideals, a passion that is expressed through her fighting style.

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