Sunday, October 6, 2013

Passion VS Execution

Wow, there is a lot going on here! This is a scene that I put together for a boss fight I worked up between Boss Mama (Samantha, left) And her teacher,confidant, and dearest friend Überlegen
(Irmhilda, right). Boss feels this kind of betrayal towards 'Hilda'; feeling as though her mentor has betrayed what they stood for; However Hilda feels very different. 

"You love me, you always have,like a daughter. You've taught me more than anyone else alive. You've given me the will to fight with my passion as an advantage, and not a hindrance. You taught me to fight for something worth fighting for, to fight for what I stand for, what we stand for; so then why betray me?"  Samantha 'Boss Moma' Paimon

Hilda believes that she nor Boss, can betray each-other when they are merely fighting for what they believe in. Ti Hilda, this is merely circumstantial of every war, friends being forced against one another simply by what they believe in. In that regard Hilda would say, in her sweetest 

"I have not betrayed you, this is what I stand for. You feel betrayal merely because we stand opposed, but really; there is no betrayal my love...There is none what so ever; I cannot betray my daughter...meine süße; one cannot betray another when they are merely fighting for what they believe in, so fight...fight for what you believe in..." Irmhilda 'Überlegen' Rothschild

This is a very tough fight for Boss in particular, as Hilda herself has no problem being at odds with her students. Boss is fighting the woman that groomed her into a leader, a woman who helped her grow to what she is, a woman who has her heart in so many ways. This isn't just another fight for her, this is her friend, former lover, and her idol; and despite her ideals Hilda feels somewhat uneasy fighting Boss as well; thought she shows it in her stern discipline  teaching Boss what she calls her final lesson. Hilda is the superior fighter here, no doubt about it her execution of her technique, and suppressing her emotion in battle, give her a cool head over Boss Mama who is overwhelmed by her passion towards her Ideals, a passion that is expressed through her fighting style.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

More 'Relevant' Concepts- The Children Of War

I honestly didn't see the 'Post Title' header, lol. But here's some more relevant stuff for the games I've been at. now when I say more relevant, I mean more current to me. My mind works in this kind of whatever stage I'm at in the story is the area I talk about the most, simply because it's the area I'm still working on/ most fascinated with. 

To start this off this one's for The Children Of War, my story's little bundle of badassary. The COWs as their called are a former joint espionage, turned terrorist cell, composed of CIA, MI6, BND -god damn german words and shit, lol- Mossad, and FSB trained children.

These children fought in the most recent variant of the S-WARs, 'The Butterfly Wars'. The Butterfly Wars were cold war styled conflicts spanning across the globe in two separate instances. The Butterfly Wars are simply put as

"A series of proxy-wars fought between the HERO and Villain political parties using rogue nations, third and second world countries, and rebel factions by whom minors, children, were used explicitly as weapons of psychological warfare, whether it be soldiers, mercenaries, and/or intelligence agents. 
This was done so in a manor promoting gross negligence, corruption,and exploitation of these children. This summit is in regards to the information being distributed by this 'organization' implicating over a dozen countries, in the supplying of weapons, equipment, and facilities, and though not explicitly detailed; espionage training from various government intelligence agencies of the U.N.." - US Senator James D. Frankfort U.N. summit London, England

The first Butterfly War lasted from 2019 to 2036 and the second 'started' in 2051 and has continued since. There is a lot of secrecy with the fifteen year gap, and It's to say a lot of the fighting didn't really end among some of these now adult COWs, but the actual involvement of countries like the U.S., Germany, Russia, the U.K., China, and other's ceased.

There were some token funds and resources dispensed by front companies for these countries to relocate, and rehabilitate, some of these children but the support of these programs was extremely limited; unless of course the child involved was to stay with the agencies of the country providing said service. However those COWs that did not choose this life, found themselves in government housing, where adapting to normal was life impossible at best. Most  fell back into the war, floating from various PMCs and rebel factions, before returning to something darker than they'd imagined. Note: Every great world conflict is at it's core a part of the S-WAR, so Vietnam, the Sino-Japanese Wars, WWI, WWII, WWIII, WWIV, etc.

The terrorist cell The Children of War, was formed by Seline Maza, (or that's who the stream of information points to) in 2043, so it's been around for about twelve years, and slowly became a problem for every other faction in my story.They are well armed, well equipped, and above all well trained in the art of espionage, terrorist, and unconventional tactics. 

This isn't a group that's trying to hide in the shadows, they've done that for ten years; no, they want a fight! But the rest of the world does not...because everybody's got blood on their hands,
and are working hard to wash it away, (see for yourself).

It's just a mock up, can always be better but definitely a lot of effort on my part to make it look legit -I hope I did at least a decent job-. The COW are tired of being used and left in whatever rut their users set up, their tired of the fact that the war's still going and that the world is profiting from it at their expense. They've got friends in high places, and an organization of 600,000 plus Specialist, Marine Snipers, IED Experts, Commandos, British Special Forces, Navy SEALs etc., and they're not willing to lay down and die alone.

The COW have changed hands as far as the organizations they've apart of, some have hit about twenty different  PMCs, others have been apart of several different Intelligence agencies.

Okay so I gotta start from the beginning, Otherwise this won't make much sense, you get to hear me whine like a little bitch about how 'bad' of an artist I was back then. To be honest I enjoy looking back at my art but posting it not so here starting with the main cast are their original sketches; I'll explain each as I go along the list.

Ok, so here we have Charles Eric Kennedy(left) aka 'KING" and Katherine Fauster(right), before they married, this was the general Idea of their armor. It had this kind of bounty hunter/field agent look that, on Charles I kinda hate. I mean for Katherine it makes sense cause she's a juggernaut, and it fit's her persona, KING just looks...strange, it's probably because he's a six three bronze statue, and that Kat's makes a little more sense, she's way more protected? I don't know, still thinking of keeping it; definitely redoing KING's to tailor his personality better.

A battle-suit design I did for Koto Tsao (pictued below), the armor was way extravagant for an assassin, let's be honest who won't see this^; but it suited her elligant bit. Koto suffers extremely from her own social-awkwardness, and as an assassin since birth, that can be pretty awkward. her hands are exposed sense she has no fingerprints anyway, so it works. Actually I might just keep it...the extravagant-ness won't matter if she's in the dark O.o

OK, so another shot of KING and his assssssassin gear, yeah his gear! This was one of my favorite concepts, and it lead to his  alter ego's 'normal'outfit. The gun on his back is a ten foot long LDs-12, (I just made that up- Long Distance Shot Twelve -love it) aka the Mishima Compact, though obviously there's nothing compact about a sniper riffle made to kill juggernauts lol. the suit was originally designed to cloak but I'm no longer a fan of cloaking so it might just use active camouflage instead. 

OK so this was what I was going to go for with Koto, but this is a little 'old-fashioned'. The story is set from 2020 onward so, this feels very outdated now...might update it later though. 
And here's KING's signature suit complete with his helmet that takes away from the idea of him being who he is. I love this for him, the coat tails, the kind of burnt/tattered armor, the green, dark grey combo; it looks good on him. Now originally the character was based on me but is now based of Laurence Fishbourne -back in his days in Boys N The Hood. Laurence has this kind of master of his domain air about him that i felt fit KING perfectly; it might be the way he commands respect or the roles he plays either way it's what ever. 

This is or was a sketch for a younger Katherine using the dive-suit on a infiltration mission. The dive-suit stays, I love it because it's like a torpedo with it's many fans along the back; sending it's wearer effortlessly through the water. The weird spine/shoulder things were to help it latch to the bottom of a stealth vehicle, that would sneak the wearer's in undetected.  

Okay, so here is my first blog for my concept of a game, STAND\STILL™. I'm new to this whole blogging thing so bear with me. As for friends from Facebook, deviant etc; I'll be posting all my STAND\STILL™ related stuff here from now on, so be sure to like it and follow it to show you're support! I have a Deviant Art account that I won't be linking at this time, and a personal blog in the works that WILL be separate from this one. This blog will show all the sketches and what not, stretching from the initial inception of the idea of STAND\STILL™. As always I hope you like what you see and if you do that you check in every now and then

All the work on this blog is copyrighted and if it wasn't I wouldn't show it; I also hold intellectual rights to conceptual ideas spoken here ore anywhere else regarding STAND\STILL™