Friday, September 27, 2013

Okay so I gotta start from the beginning, Otherwise this won't make much sense, you get to hear me whine like a little bitch about how 'bad' of an artist I was back then. To be honest I enjoy looking back at my art but posting it not so here starting with the main cast are their original sketches; I'll explain each as I go along the list.

Ok, so here we have Charles Eric Kennedy(left) aka 'KING" and Katherine Fauster(right), before they married, this was the general Idea of their armor. It had this kind of bounty hunter/field agent look that, on Charles I kinda hate. I mean for Katherine it makes sense cause she's a juggernaut, and it fit's her persona, KING just looks...strange, it's probably because he's a six three bronze statue, and that Kat's makes a little more sense, she's way more protected? I don't know, still thinking of keeping it; definitely redoing KING's to tailor his personality better.

A battle-suit design I did for Koto Tsao (pictued below), the armor was way extravagant for an assassin, let's be honest who won't see this^; but it suited her elligant bit. Koto suffers extremely from her own social-awkwardness, and as an assassin since birth, that can be pretty awkward. her hands are exposed sense she has no fingerprints anyway, so it works. Actually I might just keep it...the extravagant-ness won't matter if she's in the dark O.o

OK, so another shot of KING and his assssssassin gear, yeah his gear! This was one of my favorite concepts, and it lead to his  alter ego's 'normal'outfit. The gun on his back is a ten foot long LDs-12, (I just made that up- Long Distance Shot Twelve -love it) aka the Mishima Compact, though obviously there's nothing compact about a sniper riffle made to kill juggernauts lol. the suit was originally designed to cloak but I'm no longer a fan of cloaking so it might just use active camouflage instead. 

OK so this was what I was going to go for with Koto, but this is a little 'old-fashioned'. The story is set from 2020 onward so, this feels very outdated now...might update it later though. 
And here's KING's signature suit complete with his helmet that takes away from the idea of him being who he is. I love this for him, the coat tails, the kind of burnt/tattered armor, the green, dark grey combo; it looks good on him. Now originally the character was based on me but is now based of Laurence Fishbourne -back in his days in Boys N The Hood. Laurence has this kind of master of his domain air about him that i felt fit KING perfectly; it might be the way he commands respect or the roles he plays either way it's what ever. 

This is or was a sketch for a younger Katherine using the dive-suit on a infiltration mission. The dive-suit stays, I love it because it's like a torpedo with it's many fans along the back; sending it's wearer effortlessly through the water. The weird spine/shoulder things were to help it latch to the bottom of a stealth vehicle, that would sneak the wearer's in undetected.  

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