Friday, September 27, 2013

More 'Relevant' Concepts- The Children Of War

I honestly didn't see the 'Post Title' header, lol. But here's some more relevant stuff for the games I've been at. now when I say more relevant, I mean more current to me. My mind works in this kind of whatever stage I'm at in the story is the area I talk about the most, simply because it's the area I'm still working on/ most fascinated with. 

To start this off this one's for The Children Of War, my story's little bundle of badassary. The COWs as their called are a former joint espionage, turned terrorist cell, composed of CIA, MI6, BND -god damn german words and shit, lol- Mossad, and FSB trained children.

These children fought in the most recent variant of the S-WARs, 'The Butterfly Wars'. The Butterfly Wars were cold war styled conflicts spanning across the globe in two separate instances. The Butterfly Wars are simply put as

"A series of proxy-wars fought between the HERO and Villain political parties using rogue nations, third and second world countries, and rebel factions by whom minors, children, were used explicitly as weapons of psychological warfare, whether it be soldiers, mercenaries, and/or intelligence agents. 
This was done so in a manor promoting gross negligence, corruption,and exploitation of these children. This summit is in regards to the information being distributed by this 'organization' implicating over a dozen countries, in the supplying of weapons, equipment, and facilities, and though not explicitly detailed; espionage training from various government intelligence agencies of the U.N.." - US Senator James D. Frankfort U.N. summit London, England

The first Butterfly War lasted from 2019 to 2036 and the second 'started' in 2051 and has continued since. There is a lot of secrecy with the fifteen year gap, and It's to say a lot of the fighting didn't really end among some of these now adult COWs, but the actual involvement of countries like the U.S., Germany, Russia, the U.K., China, and other's ceased.

There were some token funds and resources dispensed by front companies for these countries to relocate, and rehabilitate, some of these children but the support of these programs was extremely limited; unless of course the child involved was to stay with the agencies of the country providing said service. However those COWs that did not choose this life, found themselves in government housing, where adapting to normal was life impossible at best. Most  fell back into the war, floating from various PMCs and rebel factions, before returning to something darker than they'd imagined. Note: Every great world conflict is at it's core a part of the S-WAR, so Vietnam, the Sino-Japanese Wars, WWI, WWII, WWIII, WWIV, etc.

The terrorist cell The Children of War, was formed by Seline Maza, (or that's who the stream of information points to) in 2043, so it's been around for about twelve years, and slowly became a problem for every other faction in my story.They are well armed, well equipped, and above all well trained in the art of espionage, terrorist, and unconventional tactics. 

This isn't a group that's trying to hide in the shadows, they've done that for ten years; no, they want a fight! But the rest of the world does not...because everybody's got blood on their hands,
and are working hard to wash it away, (see for yourself).

It's just a mock up, can always be better but definitely a lot of effort on my part to make it look legit -I hope I did at least a decent job-. The COW are tired of being used and left in whatever rut their users set up, their tired of the fact that the war's still going and that the world is profiting from it at their expense. They've got friends in high places, and an organization of 600,000 plus Specialist, Marine Snipers, IED Experts, Commandos, British Special Forces, Navy SEALs etc., and they're not willing to lay down and die alone.

The COW have changed hands as far as the organizations they've apart of, some have hit about twenty different  PMCs, others have been apart of several different Intelligence agencies.

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